SunWha “Sauna” Yim

SunWha graduated from Presbyterian Hospital School of Surgical Technology in 2006. Later that year she developed “frozen shoulder syndrome” which left her with 25% range of motion in her right shoulder.  Desperate to find relief she went to medical doctors which told her surgery was her only answer.  Looking for a non-invasive approach, she found a licensed massage therapist who fixed her shoulder without surgery.  Impressed with the results, she decided to be a massage therapist herself.

She graduated from Southeastern School of Neuromuscular Massage in Charlotte, NC in 2009.  Over the years, she has been trained in neuromuscular and medical massage techniques, and excels in rehabilitative massage and injury care.  With 10 years of total experience, and advanced anatomy knowledge, she brings a unique healing method to muscular injuries and disorders.

She lived in Hawaii for 4 ½ years, and not only got her massage license there, but also learned different modalities to help her clients today.  She loves to educate her clients in how to maintain their wellness at home, and correct bad habits which lead to postural distortions.  In her spare time, SunWha loves the outdoors, and enjoys hiking with her husband and dog. 


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